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Name: SONY
Number: SCLL760863

Composed by: John Corigliano

Digipak reissue.

Violin Solo: Joshua Bell

Francois Girard directed this drama tracing the history of a musical instrument through five countries and three centuries. In 1681, to keep the spirit of his wife alive, an Italian paints the violin with a red varnish made from her blood. It is later found in the Austrian Alps when a prodigy gives a performance in the court of Vienna in 1792. Taken by gypsies, the instrument is acquired by a Dionysian composer. After a journey by boat to China in 1966, it is hidden during the Cultural Revolution. In contemporary Canada, it is spotted at an auction house by a violin expert (Samuel L. Jackson) who becomes obsessed with it. Scripted by Girard and Don McKellar. Filmed on a $10 million budget in Montreal, China, Italy, Austria, and Oxford. 1998

1. Anna's Theme (2:50)
2. Main Title (2:42)
3. Death of Anna (1:44)
4. Birth of the Red Violin (3:05)
5. The Red Violin (1:34)
6. The Monastery (1:06)
7. Kaspar's Audition; Journey to Vienna (2:38)
8. Etudes; Death of Kaspar (2:48)
9. The Gypsies; Journey Across Europe (2:07)
10. Pope's Gypsy CCadenza (1:37)
11. Coitus Musicalis; Victoria's Departure (4:40)
12. Pope's Concert (1:22)
13. Pope's Betrayal (3:00)
14. Journey to China (4:10)
15. People's Revolution; Death of Chou Yuan (3:15)
16. Morritz Discovers the Red Violin (3:38)
17. Morritz's Theme (1:54)
18. The Theft (2:10)
19. End Titles (1:46)
20. "The Red Violin" (17:37)
Chaconne for Violin and Orchestra

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