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Our Price: $12.95
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Number: PRCD049

Composed by: Jerry Goldsmith

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Main Title 01
Feed the Slaves / Drive to Mass 05
Out of Bricks 08
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Perseverance is proud to reissue the soundtrack to the 1963 Sidney Poitier film, Lilies Of The Field. This movie is still seen by many as a milestone in cinema. The film launched Sidney Poitier and earned him an Oscar and Golden Globe for his portrayal of handyman Homer Smith, the first time an African-American actor had ever won a major award for Best Actor. The film was a landmark in cinema and needed a composer who could convey the film with a down to earth, rural, folksy sound. Jerry Goldsmith created a score that was both jubilant and accessible for anybody to listen to.

Some facts about this recording:

• Sony had this remastered for us. It's in mono (it's a 1963 film) but it sounds excellent.
• Limited to 3,000 CDs.
• This is a straight reissue of the original album.
• Original LP cover art.
• Reasonably priced CD.
• Features liner notes by Jeff Bond

1. Main Title 1:53
2. Homer Returns 1:34
3. The Roof 1:16
4. Homer Awakes / Breakfast 3:12
5. Feed the Slaves / Drive to Mass 1:37
6. Amen / Sunday Morning / Amen 3:59
7. The Contractor 2:28
8. Out of Bricks 1:08
9. No Hammer / Return of the Prodigal 4:21
10. Lots of Bricks / Aid Given / Aid Rejected 6:53
11. Amen 2:18
12. End Title / End Cast 1:26

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