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Number: VAR66963

Composed by: Rachel Portman

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Little Edie On Chair 02
I Might Have 08
Young Edie In Nyc 17
Trust Has Run Out 21
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Based on the life stories of the eccentric aunt and first cousin of Jackie Kennedy (both named Edith Bouvier Beale aka "Big and Little Edie") raised as Park Avenue débutantes but who withdrew from New York society, taking shelter at their Long Island summer home, "Grey Gardens." As their wealth and contact with the outside world dwindled, so did their grasp on reality. They were reintroduced to the world when international tabloids learned of a health department raid on their home, and Jackie swooped in to save her relatives. 2009

1. Virginia Military Institute Song (01:00)
2. Little Edie On Chair (02:45)
3. Love Is Divine (01:21)
4. Edie Come Home (02:23)
5. Cements The Deal (01:14)
6. Nobody Stuck Anybody Anywhere (02:14)
7. Wedding Jewels (03:26)
8. I Might Have (01:23)
9. Extraordinary Determination (01:11)
10. Your Father’s Died (00:57)
11. Feet First (02:52)
12. Invite You In For Tea (02:45)
13. She Was Gorgeous (01:40)
14. We Belong Together (01:08)
Performed by Jessica Lange & Malcolm Gets
15. I Won’t Dance (01:14)
Performed by Jessica Lange & Malcolm Gets
16. We Belong Together (01:41)
Performed by Jessica Lange
17. Young Edie In Nyc (00:38)
18. Raid (01:57)
19. This Will Be Better (02:30)
20. All The Luck In World/Love Is Divine (02:11)
21. Trust Has Run Out (01:13)
22. Long Leash (00:54)
23. Tea For Two (01:29)
Performed by Drew Barrymore

Total Duration: 00:40:06

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