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Composed by: Jerry Goldsmith


Wow! Great find for Jerry Goldsmith fans! World premiere of original soundtrack for 1973 Walt Disney outdoor western with James Garner, (young) Jodie Foster, Vera Miles. Goldsmith takes it serious, creates one of his finest western themes, adds rich solo trumpet melody for young Indian boy, then tops it off with ferocious action music. All his trademarks are on display via large orchestra with additional array of colors including striking electric sitar plus more! Intrada presents every note of score in vivid stereo, personally mixed by composer's engineer-of-choice Bruce Botnick from mint condition 2" masters housed in Disney vaults. Highlights are many but dynamic trombones, aggressive French horns during "Hot Fire" plus exciting variant of main theme during "Go After Him!" are standouts! Informative notes from Jeff Bond plus brief comments from Botnick are icing on the cake. Jerry Goldsmith conducts. - Douglass Fake, Intrada Producer

1. Escort The Prisoner 4:32
2. He’s White 2:26
3. Thirsty Boy 4:32
4. Camel Trouble 2:51
5. Outwit The Posse 5:30
6. Thorny Landing 0:58
7. Saddle Sore 0:59
8. New Friend 1:21
9. What He Needs 1:31
10. No Choice 7:22
11. End Of The Line 3:17
12. Hot Fire 3:24
13. Necktie Party 4:14
14. Go After Him! 2:19
15. A Free Man 5:30

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