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Our Price: $19.95
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Number: LLLCD1134

Composed by: John Frizzell, Theodore Shapiro

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Hypnosis/Beautiful Dreamer/ Back To Bed 02
Lumbergh F*cked Her/ F*cking Nightmare 07
Meet Joe Bauers/History Of Man Part 2 17
Hail To The Chief/House Of Representin' 23
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Presenting the original motion picture scores to writer/director Mike Judge's (BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD, EXTRACT, KING OF THE HILL) feature films OFFICE SPACE and IDIOCRACY. Composer John Frizzell (ALIEN RESSURECTION, WHITEOUT, LEGION) finds the perfect, offbeat musical pitch for Judge's beloved workplace satire OFFICE SPACE, starring Ron Livingston, Gary Cole and Jennifer Aniston, while composer Theodore Shapiro (HEIST, STARSKY & HUTCH, DIARY OF A WIMPY KID) goes for a big orchestral sound and nails Judge's skewed sci-fi take on the future of the human race, IDIOCRACY, starring Luke Wilson, Dax Shepard and Maya Rudolph. Produced by MV Gerhard and mastered by James Nelson, this engaging duo of film scores showcases the composing talent involved in effectively scoring smart satire. Extensive liner notes by Daniel Schweiger feature comments from the composers and writer/director Mike Judge. This is a limited edition of 1200 units.

1. Nightmare/Can't Escape (1:14)
2. Hypnosis/Beautiful Dreamer/ Back To Bed (3:31)
3. Move Your Desk (1:03)
4. Peter's Meeting/Peter Ignores Lumbergh (1:06)
5. Move Your Desk Again (0:28)
6. It's Not Right/Land Of Opportunity/ Don't Tell/Peter Accepts Promotion (1:33)
7. Lumbergh F*cked Her/ F*cking Nightmare (0:58)
8. Big Bank Account (1:12)
9. No Cake/Boys Planning/That's The Last Straw/Looking Up Launder (2:01)
10. Magazine Salesman/Addicted To Crack/ Buying Magazines/You're A Vary Bad Person (1:23)
11. Dream And Confession (1:03)
12. If I Could Be With You (1:01)
13. Leaving Letter/Dive At Door/ Steal Stapler (0:55)
14. Bye Lawrence/This Isn't So Bad (1:17)
15. End Credits (1:10)
16. Kung Fu (0:19)

Office Space - Total Running Time: 20:14

17. Meet Joe Bauers/History Of Man Part 2 (1:53)
18. Garbage Avalanche (2:34)
19. Joe Wakes Up/Joe Wanders/March 3, 2505/ Future Shock (2:56)
20. Joe's Arrest/Convicted (1:19)
21. Fleeing The Cops/Joe Finds Rita/ Harboring A Fugitive/Shooting Frito's Car (4:14)
22. Couches/Busted At Costco (2:41)
23. Hail To The Chief/House Of Representin' (0:51)
24. Dust Field/A Bad Map (0:53)
25. I Owe You One/Dumb Angry Mobs (1:45)
26. Keep Painting (0:52)
27. Into The Coliseum/Death And Roses/ Joe Vs The Machines (4:39)
28. Beef Supreme/Supreme Flames/Supreme Fires Again/ Joe's Speech/Crops Are Growing (5:35)
29. White House Party (1:29)
30. I'm Not Going/Joe Decides To Stay (1:25)
31. President Joe Bauers (2:21)
32. Masturbation Network (0:55)
33. Fox News Logo (0:23)
34. History Of Man Part 1 (Unused) (1:05)
35. Prison Break (Unused) (0:44)
36. Irrigated By Brawndo (Unused) (0:42)
37. Lincoln Bedroom (Unused) (1:00)
38. The Pardon (Unused) (1:10)
39. Joe Wanders (Alt) (1:04)
40. Keep Painting (Alt) (0:51)
41. I'm Not Going (Alt) (0:39)
42. Upgrayedd Walks (0:55)

IDIOCRACY - Total Running Time: 44:55

Total Disc Running Time: 65:09

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