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Our Price: $149.95
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Number: FSMBOX05

Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Ron Jones Project (1987-1999)
Limited Edition of 5,000 Copies.
Composed by: Ron Jones

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Film Score Monthly’s fifth box set is devoted to a single composer: Star Trek: The Next Generation—The Ron Jones Project is a mammoth, 14CD collection of 40 complete episode scores by Ron Jones for the first four years of Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987-1991), plus bonus tracks from Jones’s two-part “The Best of Both Worlds” (already available on CD) and two Interplay computer games, Starfleet Academy (1997) and Starfleet Command (1999).

Star Trek is one of the world’s most famous franchises, with over 40 years of television series and feature films. The second live-action series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, was the first to demonstrate that the show’s concept and ideals could translate to a new cast of characters. FSM’s box set is a huge leap forward in making available the series’ best music.

Several gifted composers worked on ST:TNG, including Ron Jones, who scored 42 episodes over the series’ first four seasons—including fan-favorites such as “Where No One Has Gone Before,” “11001001,” “Heart of Glory,” “Q Who,” “Who Watches the Watchers,” “The Defector,” “The Best of Both Worlds,” “Brothers” and “Final Mission.”

Jones distinguished himself with a dynamic and cinematic style, inspired by film music titans such as Jerry Goldsmith, John Williams and Bernard Herrmann, in which he sought to provide each and every episode with its own theme and sound. He diligently analyzed each story’s literary themes and characters in order to come up with exactly the right melody or orchestration. From his imaginative themes for Star Trek’s alien races, tender emotional scoring, cutting-edge electronics and magnificent “space opera” battle music, this is some of the best music ever written not just for Star Trek, but for television.

Visit FSM’s online notes—for free—to listen to sound clips and read commentary (featuring Ron Jones’s insights) for each episode. The physical box set features the 14 discs in three “clamshell” cases, with an illustrated 60-page booklet containing track lists and an introductory essay—all packaged in a sturdy gold slipcase.

Due to licensing restrictions, there will not be individual releases of the discs. (At $149.95, this box set contains over 16 hours of music—all in immaculate stereo—and costs the equivalent of $10.71 per disc.) At 5,000 units, it is limited, but there should be enough copies available for everyone who is interested.

Rarely has a labor of love on the part of the record company resulted in an album that will be of interest to so many fans, and yield so much listening pleasure. Ron Jones has fielded requests for these scores for over two decades (including from the CD producers), and finally they are all available—in their entirety. Please see the online notes and begin reading about this exceptional talent and his wonderful scores. 

track list

    Star Trek: The Next Generation

    The Ron Jones Project

    Season One 1987–1988

    DISC 1:

    “The Naked Now” #103
    Tracks 1–10, Total Time: 22:49

    “Where No One Has Gone Before” #106
    Tracks 11–20, Total Time: 21:15

    “Lonely Among Us” #108
    Tracks 21–29, Total Time: 22:35

    Total Time: 66:53

    DISC 2:

    “The Battle” #110
    Tracks 1–9, Total Time: 20:29

    “Datalore” #114
    Tracks 10–19, Total Time: 25:00

    “11001001” #116
    Tracks 20–34, Total Time: 29:56

    Total Time: 75:38

    DISC 3:

    “When the Bough Breaks” #118
    Tracks 1–14, Total Time: 27:30

    “Heart of Glory” #120
    Tracks 15–26, Total Time: 25:42

    Total Time: 53:18

    DISC 4:

    “Skin of Evil” #122
    Tracks 1–12, Total Time: 32:24

    “We’ll Always Have Paris” #124
    Tracks 13–23, Total Time: 25:38

    “The Neutral Zone” #126
    Tracks 24–32, Total Time: 17:14

    Total Time: 75:29

    Season Two 1988–1989

    DISC 5:

    “Where Silence Has Lease” #128
    Tracks 1–11, Total Time: 28:09

    “The Outrageous Okona” #130
    Tracks 12–22, Total Time: 21:49

    “Loud as a Whisper” #132
    Tracks 23–32, Total Time: 21:53

    Total Time: 72:04

    DISC 6:

    “A Matter of Honor” #134
    Tracks 1–9, Total Time: 17:49

    “The Royale” #138
    Tracks 10–18, Total Time: 15:34

    “The Icarus Factor” #140
    Tracks 19–27, Total Time: 14:07

    “Q Who” #142
    Tracks 28–39, Total Time: 27:19

    Total Time: 75:10

    DISC 7:

    “Up the Long Ladder” #144
    Tracks 1–12, Total Time: 21:01

    “The Emissary” #146
    Tracks 13–22, Total Time: 23:14

    “Shades of Gray” #148
    Tracks 23–34, Total Time: 25:43

    Total Time: 70:11

    Season Three 1989–1990

    DISC 8:

    “Evolution” #150
    Tracks 1–8, Total Time: 16:01

    “Who Watches the Watchers” #152
    Tracks 9–22, Total Time: 24:03

    “Booby Trap” #154
    Tracks 23–31, Total Time: 13:50

    “The Price” #156
    Tracks 32–41, Total Time: 19:05

    Total Time: 73:18

    DISC 9:

    “The Defector” #158
    Tracks 1–9, Total Time: 17:18

    “The High Ground” #160
    Tracks 10–17, Total Time: 15:14

    “A Matter of Perspective” #162
    Tracks 18–25, Total Time: 13:26

    “The Offspring” #164
    Tracks 26–32, Total Time: 19:11

    Total Time: 65:29

    DISC 10:

    Season Three 1989–1990 (concluded)

    “Allegiance” #166
    Tracks 1–10, Total Time: 23:43

    “Ménage à Troi” #172
    Tracks 11–20, Total Time: 18:04

    Season Four 1990–1991

    “Brothers” #177
    Tracks 21–28, Total Time: 22:15
    Alternate Cues, Tracks 29–35, Total Time: 11:06

    Total Time: 75:27

    DISC 11:

    “Reunion” #181
    Tracks 1–8, Total Time: 19:46

    “Final Mission” #183
    Tracks 9–21, Total Time: 23:04

    “Data’s Day” #185
    Tracks 22–28, Total Time: 15:31

    “Devil’s Due” #187
    Tracks 29–36, Total Time: 14:34

    Total Time: 73:15

    DISC 12:

    “First Contact” #189
    Tracks 1–10, Total Time: 14:09

    “Night Terrors” #191
    Tracks 11–19, Total Time: 19:09

    “The Nth Degree” #193
    Tracks 20–27, Total Time: 21:15

    “The Drumhead” #195
    Tracks 28–34, Total Time: 14:32


    “The Best of Both Worlds“ #174-175
    Bonus Tracks 35-40, Total Time: 5:00

    Total Time: 74:32


    DISC 13:

    Additional and Alternate Cues

    Season One
    Tracks 1–6, Total Time: 4:41

    Season Two
    Tracks 7–22, Total Time: 19:57

    Season Three
    Tracks 23–43, Total Time: 29:30

    Season Four
    Tracks 44–66, Total Time: 25:08

    Total Time: 79:28

    DISC 14:

    Interplay Computer Games

    Starfleet Academy
    Tracks 1–10, Total Time: 24:57

    Starfleet Command
    Tracks 11–42, Total Time: 31:58
    Bonus Tracks 43–50, Total Time: 5:43

    Total Time: 62:52


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