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Number: MIL36567

Composed by: Roque Banos

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Intruders Tittles 03
Fight in Mias Room 09
Discovering the Truth 16
End Credits 18
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Thriller with Clive Owens. English notes and composer interview by Daniel Schweiger.

1. Shadow Monster
2. Juans Nightmare
3. Intruders Tittles
4. Waking Up Hollowface
5. Johns Family
6. The Worker Accident
7. Entering the Story
8. Rolling Boy
9. Fight in Mias Room
10. Back to the House
11. Second Attact
12. The Exorcism
13. Leaving Home
14. Mias Notes
15. In the Farm
16. Discovering the Truth
17. Its Over
18. End Credits

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