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Number: PRD047

Composed by: Mark Isham

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Main Title 01
Cow Fight 09
Barnburning 14
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Perseverance Records is proud to premiere the release of the long lost soundtrack to the 1993 Jean-Claude Van Damme action film, Nowhere To Run.

Produced and released under license from Sony Pictures, this release marks the fifth movie soundtrack from a Van Damme action film released by Perseverance. It should be noted that each has sold very well and the reason for this is simple...Van Damme's films are cult classics and are still watched by millions yearly. Nowhere To Run was another in Van Damme's string of box office winners. For over a decade, he was the biggest action star in the world. Van Damme will be appearing in Sylvester Stallone's newest Expendables film, which is due out in theaters this year. This will only serve to generate more interest in his films and have more potential customers for the music heard in the movies.

The score was composed by Mark Isham. He was hired to score this film due to his marvelous work on films such as The Hitcher, Mrs Soffel, The Moderns and the Oscar nominated A River Runs Through It, to name a few. Isham had composed scores for over 20 films before getting the nod to write the music for Nowhere To Run. Besides writing music for movies, Mark has also had a very successful career in jazz music. He has released albums on Virgin Records, Windham Hill and his own label.

Limited to 3000 copies.

1. Main Title 4:34
2. The Escape 1:10
3. Billy's Death 1:15
4. Sam Finds a Spot to Camp 0:54
5. Sam Breaks in for Salt 1:06
6. Father's Chest 1:07
7. Billy's Car Put to Rest 1:43
8. Sam Returns the Salt 1:14
9. Cow Fight 1:48
10. Clydie Meets Sam 0:50
11. Sam Wakes Up the Next Morning (with guitar) 1:34
12. Sam Watches Clydie 0:53
13. Sam Works on the Motorcycle 0:52
14. Barnburning 3:16
15. Clydie Overhears Sam and Mookie 1:12
16. Clydie Washes Her Horse 1:00
17. Home Movies 2:02
18. Valley of the Moon 2:42
19. Bulldozers 1:25
20. The Beating 1:11
21. Love Scene 3:09
22. Clydie Watches Sam and the Kids 0:50
23. Clydie Learns About Sam 0:49
24. Sam's Departure 2:22
25. Mookie Listens to the Tape 1:01
26. The Cop's Suspicions are Aroused 1:58
27. Motorbike Chase 2:01
28. Spooky Clothesline 0:54
29. Hale Pays a Visit 1:20
30. Lonnie is Knocked Out 1:54
31. Sam Retaliates 1:11
32. The Showdown 2:19
33. The Resurrection 0:51
34. Sam's Farewell 4:01
35. End Titles 2:56

Bonus Tracks:
36. Main Title (alt.) 4:14
37. Sam Wakes Up the Next Morning (without guitar) 1:35
38. End Titles (short alt.) 0:43

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