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Our Price: $1.95
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Number: OOPMSM12004

Composed by: Soren Hyldgaard

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Jester Till: Suite 01
Tommy and the Wildcat: Theme 02
Angel of the Night: Theme and Suite 03
The Spider: Theme 06
Something in the Air: Love Theme 17
Eye of the Eagle: Suite 18
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Launching a new series focusing our attention on talented film composers who gets the opportunity to showcase their versatility and impressive output, MovieScore Media has the immense pleasure to announce this CD featuring music by Danish composer Søren Hyldgaard as the first entry in our 'Spotlight Series'. Hyldgaard emerged in the late 90s as a fresh voice in film music, writing many acclaimed orchestral scores for films such as Eye of the Eagle, Angel of the Night and Tommy and the Wildcat. This compilation features an impressive selection of suites and themes from 18 of Hyldgaard's projects. The album is virtually jam-packed with thematic, exciting and beautiful orchestral music with an emphasis on the adventure genre, but also showcasing romance (The One and Only, Something in the Air), animation (Jester Till, Help I'm a Fish) and horror (Isle of Darkness, Angel of the Night). The album also features the theme from Hyldgaard's score for the Hollywood thriller Red as well as selections from his many scores for Danish film and television. Enjoy!

First edition of the CD is limited to 500 copies.

1. Jester Till: Suite 4:37
2. Tommy and the Wildcat: Theme 4:08
3. Angel of the Night: Theme and Suite 7:50
4. Red: Main Title 3:25
5. See You: Close Again and See You 5:12
6. The Spider: Theme 4:13
7. Little Big Girl: Theme 5:05
8. Storm: Theme 2:39
9. Midsummer: Suite 3:14
10. The Fakir: Suite 4:05
11. Nynne's Diary: Suite 4:12
12. Pyrus: Suite 4:43
13. Nuummioq: Suite 5:22
14. Isle of Darkness: Suite 3:47 15. The One and Only: Suite 3:56
16. Help, I'm a Fish: Suite 4:07
17. Something in the Air: Love Theme 3:10
18. Eye of the Eagle: Suite 5:35

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