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Our Price: $19.95
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Number: LLLCD1208

Composed by: David Newman

Sample Tracks
Name Number
TV Clip 02
Red Thingie, Green Thingie, Run! 09
Big Kiss / Happy Rock Monster / Dying Thermians / Quellek's Death / Into Reactor Room / Push The Button / A Hug Before Dying 17
Mathesar, Hero / Goodbye My Friends / Crash Landing 20
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La-La Land Records and Paramount Pictures presents the premiere official soundtrack release of the original motion picture score to the 1999 Dreamworks sci-fi action/comedy GALAXY QUEST, starring Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman and Sam Rockwell and directed by Dean Parisot. Acclaimed composer David Newman (SERENITY, SCOOBY DOO, ICE AGE, THE PHANTOM) pulls off an impressive musical feat, employing a comic touch while skillfully supporting the film’s legitimate, considerable sci-fi action and well-drawn character relationships. Newman continues in the rich tradition of the Newman family musical legacy, composing a score that employs big choral passages and wondrous melodic themes. Released previously only as a composer-produced promo CD, this official, longer and remastered edition, produced by Dan Goldwasser and mastered by Doug Schwartz, sounds stellar and features exclusive liner notes by film music writer Tim Greiving. This is a limited edition of 3000 units.

1. Galaxy Quest: The Classic TV Theme (0:57)
2. TV Clip (1:32)
3. Pathetic Nesmith (0:57)
4. Galaxy Quest TV Clip #3/Introducing Sarris/Revealing the Universe (1:50)
5. Transporting the Crew/Meet the Thermians (1:33)
6. The N.S.E.A. Protector (0:43)
7. Crew Quarters & The Bridge/The Launch (3:24)
8. Jason Takes Action/Sarris Tortures Captain (1:41)
9. Red Thingie, Green Thingie… Run! (3:30)
10. Shuttle to Planet/Trek Across Planet (4:26)
11. Rolling the Sphere/Pig Lizard/Rock Monster (6:05)
12. “Digitize Me Fred” (1:13)
13. “I’m So Sorry” (1:42)
14. Fight, Episode 17 (1:15)
15. The Hallway Sneak/Alex Finds Quellek (2:16)
16. Angry Sarris/Into the Ducts/Omega 13/Heroic Guy/Reveal Chompers/Opening the Airlock (3:31)
17. Big Kiss/Happy Rock Monster/Dying Thermians/Quellek’s Death/Into Reactor Room/Push the Button/ A Hug Before Dying (4:08)
18. Sarris Orders Attack/The Battle (3:34)
19. Mathesar Takes Command/Sarris Kills Everybody (2:18)
20. Mathesar, Hero/Goodbye My Friends/Crash Landing (1:45)
21. Goodbye Sarris/Happy Ending (2:04)
22. The New Galaxy Quest (0:59)


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