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Number: OOPNET7959026

Composed by: Nitin Sawhney

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Titles 01
Witness 03
The Press 06
Girls Dressing Room 07
The Lodger Theme 13
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Composed and recorded by acclaimed musician Nitin Sawhney, and performed by the world famous London Symphony Orchestra, this orchestral score breathes fresh life into one of the earliest films from one of cinema’s greatest auteurs, Alfred Hitchcock.

Sawhney's glorious new score deftly underscores Hitchcock’s masterclass in tension, creating something that is simultaneously both modern and classic – a perfect combination for the London 2012 celebrations, for which this soundtrack was created.

1. Titles
2. Golden Avenger
3. Witness
4. Witness Part 2
5. Joker
6. The Press
7. Girl’s Dressing Room
8. Dressing Room Jokes
9. Daisy Fashion Model
10. Dad Brings News
11. Daisy Comes Home
12. The Lodger Arrives
13. The Lodger Theme
14. Daisy’s Song
15. Policeman Daisy
16. Girl’s Dressing Room Again
17. The Lodger On The Stairs
18. Landlady Searching
19. Tension Between Lodger And Policeman

1. Speculation
2. Daisy At Fashion Show
3. Father Is Not Having It
4. The Lodger In The Bath
5. Landlady Worried For Daisy
6. Fight Over Daisy
7. The Big Love Theme
8. Evidence Against The Lodger
9. Lodger Makes A Break
10. Daisy Goes To The Lodger
11. Sister’s Death
12. Mother’s Wish
13. Daisy Understands And Consoles
14. The Mob
15. The Lodger Saved
16. The Big Happy Ending
17. Credits

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