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Name: GDM
Number: GDM4218DLX

Composed by: Ennio Morricone

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Citta Violenta 01
Citta Violenta (#2) 04
Con Estrema Dolcezza 06
Norme Con Ironie 08
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CITTA’ VIOLENTA (aka VIOLENT CITY) is a film noir directed by Sergio Sollima in 1970, and starring Charles Bronson, Jill Ireland, Telly Savalas, Umberto Orsini, Michel Constantin. Jeff Heston (Bronson), a professional killer, in turn ends up in the crosshairs of organized crime that ambushed him. Jeff miraculously manages to escape and also discovers that Vanessa (Ireland), his girlfriend, is in cahoots with the killers. After two years in jail Jeff ends employed by Al Weber (Savalas), who has since married Vanessa. The woman tries to make sure that Jeff kill Al and then report him to the police, but this time Jeff ... For the genre Noir Thriller Ennio Morricone has written a large number of musical comments, making use of a recognizable pulled strings, mixed with experimental sinket electronic effects, percussion and guitars, evoking the urban jungle of the big cities. For VIOLENT CITY the composer created a main theme that, after the slow start with the sound of distorted electric guitars, accelerates, with developed semi-pop, a mysterious tune (Tr.1, 4, 14, 19). Atmospheres suspended between magic and psychedelic (Tr.2, 11, 13) alternate with danceable beats (Tr.7, 10) and romantic moments highlighted by a love theme of lounge flavor, also performed by distorted guitars, by flutes and then by the horns (Tr. 6) and again in Tr.12 with rhythmic accompaniment, and piano (Tr. 20). The CD ends with an exciting resumption, with beats and bass horns, the main theme and the love theme. For the recording of this CD we used the stereo master tapes of the original album and the mono master tapes of the original session, excellently restored and digitally remastered, that gave us the thrill of discovering reprisals of the main themes, about 10 minutes of exciting and fantastic music never released before. - GDM

1. Città violenta 2:24 2. Rito finale 3:05 3. Mille volte un grido 2:31 4. Città violenta (# 2) 1:17 5. Momento estremo 3:18 6. Con estrema dolcezza 2:41 7. Svolta definitiva 4:37 8. Norme con ironie 3:55 9. Riflessione 1:27 10. Disperatamente 2:53 11. Rito finale (# 2) 1:29 12. Con estrema dolcezza (# 2) 3:08 13. Rito finale (# 3) 2:34 14. Città violenta (# 3) 2:40 15. Dolcemente acre 3:15 16. Città violenta (# 4) 4:52 17. Sospensione sovrapposta 1:40 18. A Caissa 2:24 19. Città violenta (# 5) 5:00 20. Con estrema dolcezza (#3) 1:09 21. Riassunto 3:07

Total Disc Time: 60:18

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