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Number: VAR67160

Composed by: Michael Stearns

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Organics 02
Wipala 04
Varanasi Sunrise 07
Broken Vows 11
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This deluxe soundtrack reissue to the award winning 1992 classic docudrama, BARAKA, features an original score by renowned composer Michael Stearns. He accents the film's theme with an array of world music influences and new age ambience. In addition, the soundtrack features music by Dead Can Dance, L. Subramaniam, Ciro Hurtado, Inkuyo, Brother and David Hykes. Ron Fricke directed BARAKA and it was produced by Mark Magidson.

BARAKA, the epic non-verbal film, tells the story of the earth's evolution, man's diversity and interconnection, and his impact on the planet. The film takes the listener on a world tour of cultural (and natural) experience. Displaying the cyclical nature of life, BARAKA moves through the mystery and fascination of natural phenomena to the serenity of Third World culture and, ultimately, the ferocity of industrialization. The film was shot in 70mm in 24 countries on six continents, in such diverse locales as Brazil, Nepal, Cambodia, Kuwait, India, Tanzania and Iran.

Unlike the previous editions of the soundtrack this deluxe reissue features the full-length versions of many of the key tracks featured in the film.

1 Opening/Nepal Morning
Composed by K?hachiro Miyata) with original music by Michael Stearns
2 Mantra
Excerpted from Mantra/Stabat Mater by Somei Satoh
2b Organics
3 Wipala
Composed by Gonzalo Vargas, performed by Inkuyo
4 The Host of Seraphim
Composed and performed by Dead Can Dance
5 Village Dance
6 Varanasi Sunrise
Wandering Saint Performed and composed by L. Subramaniam
7 African Journey
Composed and performed by Anugama & Sebastiano
8 Rainbow
Voice By David Hykes/The Harmonic Choir
9 Monk with Bell
10 Broken Vow
A Prayer of Kala Rupa Performed by The Monks of the Dip Tse Chok Ling Monastery, Dharamsala An Daorach Bheac
Performed by Brother, Hamish Richardson, Angus Richardson, Fergus Richardson
11 Finale
12 End Credits

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