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Number: MIL36597

Composed by: Cliff Martinez

Sample Tracks
Name Number
All Business 01
Slow Mistress 03
Everything OK Sir? 09
I Need A Serious Favor 12
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Directed by Nicholas Jarecki and starring Richard Gere - in the best performance of his career - Arbitrage tells the story of a troubled hedge fund magnate desperate to complete the sale of his trading empire. Cliff Martinez - who did the music for Drive -composed the beautiful and electronica driven score. It features all the musical elements that have made Cliff Martinez one of the most interesting and sought after composer of our time. The soundtrack features also music by Bjork, Billie Holiday, Jobim/Getz and a great cover of "My Foolish Heart."

1. All Business (02:55)
2. Mistress (01:11)
3. Slow Mistress (01:15)
4. It's Not My Problem (01:39)
5. Involuntary Manslaughter (02:10)
6. Just Go Away (05:23)
7. Dad Are You Listening? (02:17)
8. This It Not Going To Go Away (01:00)
9. Everything OK Sir? (02:46)
10. I'm Sorry (01:30)
11. What Would You Have Paid? (02:01)
12. I Need A Serious Favor (02:07)
13. He's Using You (02:35)
14. This Is Crazy (02:24)
15. Then I Don't Make It (02:10)
16. Last Chance (04:44)
17. What's He Offering You Now? (02:24)
18. Bring A Notary (02:25)
19. We'll Pick It Up Later (02:27)
20. After The Accident (01:56)
21. I See Who You Are (04:07)
performed by Bjork
22. Laura Palmer's Prom (04:46)
performed by You Say Party
23. Para Machuchar Meu Coracao (05:06)
performed by Stan Getz
24. Just One More Chance (03:47)
performed by Billie Holiday
25. My Foolish Heart (05:10)
performed by Robi Botos

Total Duration: 01:10:15

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