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Name: GDM
Number: GDM2096

Composed by: Pasquale Catalano

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Magnifica Presenza 03
Finzione 05
Tutt' Al Piu 08
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The CD also contains some famous international songs included in the film and original songs composed by Pasquale Catalano, the second collaboration with director Ferzan Ozpetek after the success of Mine Vaganti.

The only dream of Pietro is to become a famous actor. 28 year-old Pietro is so obsessed with becoming an actor that he does not mind trying every single way. He comes Rome and starts to work in a bakery. Also, at the same time, he tries to be an actor. At first, he stays with his cousin, Maria , but then he rents a house. Nevertheless, in a short time, something weird happens at the house. As if the furniture moves by itself. Then he realizes that the house was haunted by some ghosts, so with it, the adventure itself begins.

1. La sera della prima (Sezen Aksu) 2:39
2. Perfidia (Nat King Cole) 2:19
3. Magnifica presenza (Pasquale Catalano) 2:23
4. Tenna (Sezen Aksu) 5:53
5. Finzione (Pasquale Catalano) 2:11
6. Obecanje (Ljupka Dimitrovska) 2:44
7. Non ti svegliare (Pasquale Catalano) 1:28
8. Tutt'al più (Patty Pravo) 4:31
9. Figurine (Pasquale Catalano) 2:39
10. Una grande attrice (Pasquale Catalano) 2:05
11. Sude (Sezen Aksu) 3:43
12. Magnifica presenza (Pasquale Catalano) 1:41
13. I wish I didn't love you so (Betty Hutton) 3:07
14. Compagnia Apollonio (Pasquale Catalano) 1:38
15. Unuttun mu beni (Sezen Aksu) 3:44
16. Realtà (Pasquale Catalano) 4:01
17. Provino (Pasquale Catalano) 1:47
18. Gitmem daha (Sezen Aksu) 5:53
19. Bordi (Pasquale Catalano) 1:13
20. Unuttun mu beni - orchestral (Sezen Aksu) 3:27
21. Garibaldi (Pasquale Catalano) 2:28

Total Time: 61:34

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