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Number: BSXCD8918

Composed by: Tom Hiel

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Shark Attack 01
Surfer Girl 05
Speed Boat Attack 16
Sands Takes Control 17
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Part of the SyFy Channel’s seemingly endless parade of killer critters and mega monsters, SHARKTOPUS was unleashed in 2010, staking its claim as perhaps a new pinnacle in its series of original monster mashes. SHARKTOPUS relays the ‘sensitive saga’ of a genetically combined octopus/great white shark hybrid, developed as a military weapon which, of course, escapes its handlers and travels to Mexico to show the world it isn’t like every other fish in the pond. Eric Roberts stars as Nathan Sands, the scientist responsible for creating the hybrid, he takes it upon himself to lead a team of fish bait to either retrieve or destroy his creation.

To score SHARKTOPUS, producer Roger Corman and director Declan O’Brien returned to composer Tom Hiel, who had already established a creative relationship after working together on ROCK MONSTER and CYCLOPS. Hiel’s score for SHARKTOPUS was produced using synthesizers and sampled symphonic WAVE files, which allowed the composer to closely replicate a live orchestral performance without the expense, emphasizing the synthesizer’s ability to create unique musical sounds.

01. Shark Attack (2:07)
02. Explaining Technology (3:21)
03. Pointer (1:49)
04. Intrigue (0:56)
05. Surfer Girl (1:49)
06. Got A Signal (0:54)
07. Beach Attack (2:36)
08. Dead Body (2:36)
09. Dive (5:15)
10. Split Screen (1:17)
11. South (1:04)
12. Crazy Bitch (1:14)
13. Skidoo Attack (1:53)
14. Fishing (2:18)
15. Santos Is Dead (4:00)
16. Speed Boat Attack (2:38)
17. Sands Takes Control (2:00)
18. Dance Attack (1:35)
19. Sands Dies (5:25)
20. Give Me The Keys (1:27)
21. Resort Attack (1:23)
22. Late To The Party (2:05)
23. Stacy Dies (1:29)
24. End Credits (3:04)

Total Time: 55:01

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