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Name: GDM
Number: GDMCLUB7118

Composed by: Ennio Morricone

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GDM Music releases on CD the OST composed by Ennio Morricone for the film Dimenticare Palermo directed by Francesco Rosi in 1990, based on the novel by Edmonde Charles Roux, and starring James Belushi, Mimi Rogers, Joss Ackland, Carolina Rosi, Vittorio Gassman Philippe Noiret, Sal Borgese, Stefano Madia, Marco Leonardi, Carmine Bonavia (Belushi), a young New Yorker, son of Italian immigrants, is a candidate for mayor of New York. Given the imminent defeat he makes a sensational (and desperate) proposal: the legalization of drugs, hoping to make up ground on the sensitive topic, namely drug trafficking. Married during the election campaign, he decides to spend his honeymoon with his young bride Carrie (Mimi Rogers) to Palermo, birthplace of his parents. Housed in a luxurious hotel, he visits the most beautiful monuments of the city, but also he contemplates degradation. And here the mafia, concerned about its growing popularity because of his proposal that would deprive it of the most lucrative racket, trying in every way to catch him, involving him finally murder (staged to art) of a young florist with which Carmine recently had had an altercation. The incident threatens to derail the electoral projects, as he is accused of premeditated murder. Upon the recommendation of a senior prince (Gassman) who lives in his own segregated hotel for fear of mafia reprisals, Carmine can thus meet in a villa outside the city, a powerful Italian-American boss (Ackland), which explains the "damage" that he would bring to the Cosa Nostra, and offers him a deal: to give on liberalizing the drug in exchange for the spread of some photos that could exonerate him of murder. Carmine accepts, but once back in New York and he was acquitted, he confirms he wants to persevere with his goal. It is gunned down a few hours after he did it.

Ennio Morricone was able to capture in music the whole atmosphere of the plot, creating a rhythmic "urban theme" orchestrated according to his style, alternating with mysterious passages sometimes suspended and sometimes aggressively dramatic. Although it was not possible to locate the original session tapes, the master of the album has been fully restored by removing annoying clicks in the previously released version on the market.

Total Time 39:03

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