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Our Price: $19.95
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Number: QRSOL010

Composed by: Pascal Gaigne

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Chaika 01
Tursyn 02
Hojanias 06
Los lobos 08
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The new score composed by Pascal Gaigne (Verbo, Katmandu, Castillos de cartón, 80 Egunean).

Chaika is a love story between a prostitute and a sailor, rebuilt between two long seasons, the eternal winter of Siberia and the summer of the dusty steppes of Kazakhstan.

Young Tursyn comes back home to face up what remains of his fámily: an old nomad about to die and a shipwrecked father. Both of them will arise the vague memories that Tursyn has of his mother. Chaika tells the adventure of joining together those memories, now scattered around the Earth's most far away waste lands, almost at the end of the world.

Pascal Gaigne writes a high dramatic score, austere, devoid of romantic license. The unusal orchestration is based on electronic landscapes, acoustic and electric guitars, bandoneon, violin, hurdy-gurdy, nikelarp and voices.

This release is limited to 300 units only!

01. Chaika (3:03)
02. Tursyn (2:47)
03. Ahysa (3:51)
04. Asylbek (5:58)
05. En el monte (3:47)
06. Hojanias (3:08)
07. La abuela (4:36)
08. Los lobos (4:16)
09. Babushka (2:08)
10. Tadjiki (2:01)
11. Chaika (2) (1:21)

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