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Number: LLLCD1225

Composed by: Alan Silvestri

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Theme from The Bodyguard 01
Followed/On the Job 05
Snow/I Understand Now/Just One 14
The Stairs/It's Not Your Fault/Do You Mind? 18
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La-La Land Records, Sony Music and Warner Bros. proudly present the world premiere release of acclaimed composer Alan Silvestri's (BACK TO THE FUTURE TRILOGY, PREDATOR, ERASER, THE POLAR EXPRESS) original orchestral score to the 1992 blockbuster motion picture THE BODYGUARD, starring Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston, and directed by Mick Jackson. Silvestri's lush, noir-tinged score is one of his very best and what better way to celebrate the film's 20th Anniversary then to give this sumptuous music the deluxe release it has always deserved! Produced by Dan Goldwasser and mastered by James Nelson, this special release is limited to 3500 Units and contains exclusive liner notes by writer Tim Greiving that include new comments from the director and the composer.

1. Theme from The Bodyguard (2:44)
2. Watch and See/Meet Rachel*/Fletcher**/Can I Help You? (3:40)
3. Weirdo/Someone Was In Here (1:17)
4. Frank Unpacks* (1:24)
5. Followed/On the Job (3:08)
6. Just Dinner (1:02)
7. Walkman/Another One (3:20)
8. Not There (1:27)
9. Only If You Want To/I Know Why/Got You/The Glove/The Locker (3:06)
10. Be Careful**/I Don‚t Approve*/The Sword (4:14)
11. Silly Job (0:54)
12. Well, Well, Well/Overlay (1:44)
13. What Are You Doing?/Where Is She?/I'm Through (3:24)
14. Snow/I Understand Now/Just One** (5:23)
15. How About That (3:14)
16. It Doesn‚t Matter/Where‚s Fletcher? (3:09)
17. Tell Me About It (4:20)
18. The Stairs/It's Not Your Fault/Do You Mind? (3:01)
19. Relax a Little (1:32)
20. This is the Night/Coming Thrill/Portman/Please Welcome (3:00)
21. The Winner Is/Where's Portman? (1:58)
22. Lunatic (3:15)
23. My Bodyguard/How's It Going? (2:26)

Total Score Time: 62:50

24. Theme from The Bodyguard (film mix) (2:44)
25. Meet Rachel (alternate) (0:49)
26. The Winner Is (alternate) (1:41)
27. It Doesn‚t Matter (alternate) (1:32)
28. How's It Going? (alternate) (1:21)
29. Party Piano (source) (2:28)
30. Theme from The Bodyguard (album alternate) (3:52)

Total Bonus Time: 14:35

* Not Used in Film
** Contains Material Not Used in Film

Total Album Time: 77:25

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