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Name: SONY
Number: MSWK542094

Composed by: Ramin Djawadi

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Red Dawn 01
Wolverines 02
Invasion 03
We Need Better Weapons 06
Victory 08
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Ramin Djawadi is a German-born composer of orchestral music for film and television. Djawadi is best known for his Grammy®-nominated, guitar-driven score for the blockbuster hit movie, Iron Man and also composed the music for Clash of the Titans and Blade: Trinity. He is also known for his TV work including his Emmy®-nominated scores for Prison Break and FlashForward as well as the hit TV series Game of Thrones and Person of Interest.

1. Red Dawn
2. Wolverines
3. Invasion
4. Execution
5. I'm Gonna Fight
6. We Need Better Weapons
7. What Do You Miss
8. Victory
9. Brothers
10. Counter Insurgency
11. A Terrible Haircut
12. Even A Small Flea Can Drive A Big Dog Crazy
13. Erica
14. Surveying The Damage
15. Preparing The Cabin
16. Follow The Wires
17. Daryl's Sacrifice
18. A Marine And His Rifle
19. Jed's Death
20. Finale

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