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Number: CMT10035

Composed by: Francesco De Masi

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Nuvole Nel Cielo 01
Riflessi nella laguna 02
Altalena party 06
Risalendo Il fiume 12
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L'ITALIA VISTA DAL CIELO (ITALY VIEW FROM THE SKY) is one of 14 documentaries for RAI by director Folco Quilici from 1965 to 1978. This documentaries had as objective to bring the attention of the world to the beauty of the landscape, art and architecture of each Italian region. The initiative, which lasted thirteen years, was particularly challenging for the use of a helicopter called Helivision designed by Albert Lamorisse that attenuated camera vibration that was placed on board of the helicopter and the result was a modern "cartography", a portrait and a documentation of the seas, coasts, cities, art, filmed and documented in a manner completely innovative. The soundtracks of 14 documentaries, were entrusted to the Master Composers most popular at that time, and to the Master Francesco De Masi was entrusted the composition and direction of the soundtracks of all the documentaries. During the 1978, RAI transmitted the whole series in Italy all the documentaries; each of it had a length of 60/70 minutes, and were projected in the schools, in the Universities, during meetings, in the Italian Ambassies, in the foreign Ambassies, and each time it was a great successfull. Still now, the interest of the people for this documentaries is highest. This CD contains the songs composed and directed by Maestro Francesco De Masi, is articulated with a background orchestral music, creating a rich assortment of musical implications ranging from slow rhythm to moderate rhythm, from medieval march to swing, from the arrhythmic guitar to the slow esatonal. These two themes evoke a magical overview of the Italian landscape.

LENGTH: 51:05

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