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Name: GDM
Number: GDMLEG4220

No. Tracks: 28
Composed by: Ennio Morricone

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Viva la revolucion 01
A metà strada 04
Consegna delle armi 07
Al Messico che vorrei (karaoke version) 28
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Tepepa (aka BLOOD AND GUNS ") is a western film directed in 1968 by Giulio Petroni and starring Tomas Milian, Orson Welles, John Steiner, Jose Torres, Luciano Casamonica, Annamaria Before Launch, Paloma Cela, George Wang, Giancarlo Badessi, Clara Colosimo.

The governance of comrade Madero does not meet the peon Tepepa (Tomas Milian), who, feeling teased by the former revolutionary now head of the state, continues its battle, along with a group of loyal fighters, against the troops loyal to the government. Tepepa faces several times the feared Colonel Cascorro (Orson Welles), and he is also constantly haunted by an English doctor, Henry Price (John Steiner), eager to avenge a girl from a rich family, with whom the doctor was in love, that commited suicide after she was raped by Tepepa. Though he managed many times to escape unhurt from battles with Cascorro, Tepepa is hurt in the last battle, and eventually Cascorro is killed by the revolutionary. The doctor, who despite his hatred for Tepepa supported the revolutionaries, could take his revenge on the peon by killing him with the knife he used to extract a bullet from his body. The death of Tepepa, however, does not mark the end of the revolution, and others will continue the fight in his place. Ennio Morricone wrote an epic comment where a heroic main theme of revolutionary flavor is alternated with tensive and dramatic music and delicate love theme and folklore Mexican music. Besides all the tracks featured in previous editions of this OST, this CD of Total Time 71:39 features 6 new tracks, almost 14 minututes, never published before. We used the original sessions stereo master tapes, properly restored and remastered. This CD contains the first album editing, extra tracks that were only on a Spanish CD edition, other alternative tracks that were only on a rare Japanese CD edition and we added here the new 6 tracks of unpublished music.

1. Viva la revolucion 4:18
2. Tepepa e Price 0:55
3. Tradimento primo 2:15
4. A metà strada 1:51
5. Al Messico che vorrei 4:50
6. Una rosa 1:44
7. Consegna delle armi 1:17
8. Una povera casa 1:02
9. Tradimento secondo 2:52
10. Viva la revolucion 5:29
11. Tepepa e Price (#2) 0:44
12. Tradimento primo (#2) 1:11
13. Viva la revolucion (#2) 2:29
14. Tepepa (marcetta) 1:58
15. Viva la revolucion (#3) 3:09
16. Tepepa (tema d'Amore) 2:21
17. Ondas de amor - serenade 3:06
18. Una rosa (#2) 1:31
19. Viva la revolucion (#4) 5:37
20. A metà strada (#2) 1:37
21. Tepepa (fragrante melodia) 1:26
22. Viva la revolucion (#5) 1:27
23. Tradimento primo (#3) 3:43
24. Viva la revolucion (#6) 3:13
25. Una rosa (#3) 1:24
26. Tepepa (banda) 1:54
27. Viva la revolucion (#7) 3:14
28. Al Messico che vorrei (karaoke version) 4:43


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