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Our Price: $16.95
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Number: CDR-WD

Composed by: James Dooley

This is a CDr manufactured on demand by Amazon. Each disc comes fully packaged, with artwork, in a standard jewel case.

Original Video Game Score.

1. Yen Sid's Lab Jim Dooley 3:03
2. Opening Mad Doctor 4:29
3. Mean Street Jim Dooley 3:43
4. Building A Building Jim Dooley 0:54
5. Floats Jim Dooley 1:33
6. Meet Daisy Jim Dooley 2:12
7. Disney Gulch Jim Dooley 2:07
8. Music Land Jim Dooley 0:49
9. I'm Falling Apart Mad Doctor 2:13
10. Skeleton Dance Jim Dooley 0:51
11. Blot Dragon Jim Dooley 2:30
12. Prescott And The Pumps Jim Dooley 2:45
13. Floatyard Jim Dooley 3:50
14. Intro To Blot Alley Jim Dooley 2:06
15. The Mad Doctor Isn't Mad Mad Doctor 0:58
16. Dioramas Jim Dooley 1:50
17. Prescott's Machine Jim Dooley 2:03
18. The Fall of Prescott Daisy Duck 1:46
19. Ventureland Combat Jim Dooley 1:30
20. Autotopia Exploration Jim Dooley 4:01
21. The Mad Doctor's Plan Mad Doctor 1:07
22. The Mad Doctor's Attic Jim Dooley 2:03
23. That's What Heroes Do Mickey Mouse 3:44
24. A Hero's 2nd Chance Cole Plante 4:30

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