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Number: MIL43229

Composed by: Malcolm Arnold, Maurice Jarre


The Bridge on the River Kwai is an epic movie of 1957 about the madness of war and the absurdity of the military ethics. The plot is freely based on the construction of a railway bridge over the Mae Klong River in 1943. During World War II, British prisoners of war in Burma were used in the construction of a bridge, while a team of sappers their compatriots prepares to destroy it. The movie, directed by David Lean, is based on the novel by Pierre Boulle and twon 7 Oscar (including one for the screenplay won by Pierre Boulle, when in fact it was written by Carl Foreman and Michael Wilson). In 1999 the British Film Institute included it in 11th place in the list of the top 100 British films of the twentieth century.

The Soundtrack - The memorable feature of the film is given by reason whistled by the POWs "The Colonel Bogey March" while they were at camp. The tune quickly became famous and contributed to the colossal success of the film. The piece, originally written in 1941 by Kenneth Alford was accompanied by a counter-melody (known as "The River Kway March") written by the film's composer, Malcolm Arnold. It is certainly one of the most famous musical pieces of all time and also won the Oscar in 1958 for best soundtrack.

In the album were included, among other things, some pages taken from various musical film "Lawrence of Arabia" (1962), "Doctor Zhivago" (1965), "A Passage to India" (1984) and composed by Maurice Jarre.

Malcolm Arnold - Overture
Mitch Miller - The River Kwai March; Colonel Bogey
Malcolm Arnold - Shear's Escape Malcolm Arnold - Shear's Escape
Malcolm Arnold - Nicholson's Victory
Malcolm Arnold - Sunset
Malcolm Arnold - Working On The Bridge
Malcolm Arnold - Trek To The Bridge
Malcolm Arnold - Camp Concert Dance
Malcolm Arnold – Finale
Maurice Jarre - "Lawrence of Arabia" Suite
Maurice Jarre - "Doctor Zhivago" Suite
Maurice Jarre - "Ryan's Daughter" Suite
Maurice Jarre - "A passage to India" Suite

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