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Number: DDJ021

Composed by: Stelvio Cipriani

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Sweet sweet love 01
Libidine - seq. 7 09
Libidine - seq. 8 10
Souvenir d’un soir 15
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Extracting rabbits from hats is what often happens when you go to select an unreleased score composed by the great Stelvio Cipriani. This was the case of “Libidine” (aka “Lust”), directed in 1979 by Raniero Di Giovanbattista with Cinzia De Carolis in the role of Anna, a shy (?) and naïve teenager fresh out of college and back in her father’s home, where the half-crazy, half-genius doctor will try to create reptile/human hybrids with a deadly snake.

A more absurd story could not be imagined for a movie that’s halfway between sexy and soft-core. It was shot in the peculiar musical epoch of the late ‘70s, and who better than M° Cipriani to compose the score? For this 21st chapter in the DDJ series, it’s a first-ever release of a lounge and disco score that will not disappoint fans of the series and of Cipriani’s music, which never betrays expectations: sweaty, funky, mellifluous sonorities, musical languor, and a bit of sane tension when the snake gets a bit more aggressive. It’s the ideal background to enjoy with a cocktail for those who love a good tapestry of retro-sound that never ages, just becomes vintage.

The CD is packaged in a jewel case, with mastering by Claudio Fuiano (in great stereo sound!) and original artwork in a 12-page booklet filled with liner notes by Fabio Babini on the music, the movie, and an in-depth biography on the movie’s star, Marina Hedman.

1. Sweet sweet love 4:53
2. The magic touch 3:55
3. Libidine - seq. 1 4:21
4. Libidine - seq. 2 3:12
5. Libidine - seq. 3 2:48
6. Libidine - seq. 4 1:30
7. Libidine - seq. 5 0:40
8. Libidine - seq. 6 2:48
9. Libidine - seq. 7 3:04
10. Libidine - seq. 8 4:21
11. Libidine - seq. 9 7:56
12. Libidine - seq. 10 4:08
13. Libidine - seq. 11 2:13
14. Libidine - seq. 12 2:45
15. Souvenir d’un soir 2:46

Total Time 51:52 (Stereo)

Music composed and conducted by STELVIO CIPRIANI
Vocals: Nora Orlandi
Vocals on track 15: Edda Dell'Orso

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