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Number: LLLCD1253

Composed by: Shirley Walker

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Main Title 01
Willard’s Revenge/Follow Ben 12
Rats Chase Willard 22
Trapped Like a Rat 23
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La-La Land Records and New Line Cinema present the world premiere release of renowned composer Shirley Walker’s (BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES, THE FLASH, TURBULENCE) original motion picture score to the 2003 New Line Cinema feature film WILLARD, starring Crispin Glover, R. Lee Ermey, Laura Elena Harring and Kimberly Patton, and directed by Glen Morgan. This brilliant and haunting orchestral horror score is one of Walker’s finest, incorporating a unique, almost Herrmannesque use of accordions. Thematically rich, Walker’s spellbinding music is as thoughtfully heartbreaking as it is atmospheric. Produced by Neil S. Bulk and mastered by James Nelson, this special release of 3000 units features in-depth liner notes by writer John Takis that include comments from the director and others. Note: the song “Ben” as performed by Crispin Glover was not available to license for this release.

Limited Edition of 3000 Units

1. Main Title (3:14)
2. Rats in the Basement/Willard Goes Home/Willard at Dad’s Picture (1:14)
3. Willard Checks Traps (:50)
4. Demoted/Mr. Martin (1:36)
5. Gotcha (:50)
6. Socrates/Goodnight Socrates (2:10)
7. Willard’s Hatred Builds (1:10)
8. Big Ben (2:11)
9. Training Montage (1:15)
10. The Tire Mission (1:30)
11. Total Tire Recall/Not the Puppy (4:19)
12. Willard’s Revenge/Follow Ben (2:11)
13. In the Basement, Ben/Where’s Mother? (1:03)
14. Ben, How Could You? (1:10)
15. My Only Friend/House Full of Rats (1:44)
16. Willard Sees Ben/Willard Closes Hole (2:13)
17. Splinters/Willard Gets the Boot/Socrates Gets It (4:06)
18. What Can We Do?/That’s Not a Mouse (4:29)
19. Rats Begone (1:23)
20. Don’t Go into the Bathroom (:47)
21. We Need to Go (1:04)
22. Rats Chase Willard (2:37)
23. Trapped Like a Rat (2:35)
24. Willard’s Demise (:54)
25. He’s Back/Socrates Reprise (1:04)
26. End Credits (2:34)

Total Running Time: 50:13

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