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Our Price: $17.95
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Number: MSM13006

Composed by: Daniel Pemberton

Sample Tracks
Name Number
The Body 01
Buleigh’s Escape 04
Van Bangers 08
Exhumation 12
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In his second feature film collaboration with director Nick Murphy, talented UK composer Daniel Pemberton delivers a dark, brooding and emotionally sophisticated orchestral score for a complex story about two police brothers are forced to investigate a crime they themselves have committed. Blood stars Paul Bettany, Mark Strong and Brian Cox under the confident direction of Murphy, with whom Daniel Pemberton previously worked on The Awakening, an impressive horror score for orchestra and choir available from Screamworks Records.

1 The Body 4:00
2 Blood (To the Islands) 2:56
3 Get the Spade 3:02
4 Buleigh’s Escape 2:07
5 Brooding 1:34
6 The Owl Jumper 2:34
7 Searching the Cinema 2:55
8 Van Bangers 1:44
9 Dig 1:34
10 Getting Closer 3:27
11 Division Sands 2:05
12 Exhumation 2:20
13 Searching the Island 1:44
14 Storm Coming: Part 1 2:30
15 Reflections 0:56
16 Storm Coming: Part 2 1:25
17 The Burning 3:50
18 The Wind Out There 3:54

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