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Number: MBR031

Composed by: Alan Silvestri

Sample Tracks
Name Number
These Foolish Things (Main Title) 01
That's Him! 05
Primping For Mom 08
Court in Session / The Escape 12
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MUSIC BOX RECORDS together on the same two CD soundtracks composed by Alan Silvestri: Clean Slate (Blackout) (1994) directed by Mick Jackson (LA Story, Bodyguard and Volcano) and The Perez Family (The Perez Family) (1995) Mira Nair (Salaam Bombay!, Monsoon Wedding and Vanity Fair).

Clean Slate tells the story of Maurice L. Pogue (Dana Carvey), a private detective with a rare form of amnesia: every night he forgets everything the night before, so each new day is like the first day of his life. But Maurice is witness at the hearing of a major criminal case, there must denounce Mafia boss he can not remember the name, a murderer he does not remember at all, and worse, describe the alleged victim alive he met at the door. The cast meets Valeria Golino, James Earl Jones, Kevin Pollak and Michael Gambon. Alan Silvestri's score navigates between a pure music mickey-mousing and lasts in the style of Carl Stalling and the musical universe of film noir of 40-50 years with a retro jazzy style that is reminiscent of the soundtrack of Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Adapted from the novel by Christine Bell, The Perez Family tackles the subject of Cuban refugees in the United States. After spending two years in prison in Cuba, Juan Perez (Alfred Molina) arrives in Miami to join his family. A registration error passed to the husband of Dottie Perez (Marisa Tomei), a former prostitute, and both are thrown into a refugee camp. Juan then uses all his tricks to be able to escape and find his wife (Anjelica Huston) and her daughter (Trini Alvarado). The romantic score is based on a song by Ernesto Grenet (Drume Negrita) and influenced by Cuban rhythms.

1. These Foolish Things (Main Title) (1:35)
2. Do not Panic (2:50)
3. What Did I Do? (1:14)
4. Sarah Novak (2:17)
5. That's Him! (2:16)
6. The Meaning of Baby (1:58)
7. Sarah Who? (2:24)
8. Primping For Mom (1:59)
9. Bonding With Baby (1:45)
10. Stranger on the Beach (2:09)
11. Beth Confesses / Guy With Guns / Pacific Highway Chase (3:00)
12. Court in Session / The Escape (3:02)
13. Regaining Memory (2:15)
14. Remember Me? / End Credits (2:46)
15. The Foolish Things (Remind Me of You) (4:00)
performed by Oleta Adams

16. Dream (2:01)
17. Fuck John Wayne (3:03)
18. Bleeding Heart (3:29)
19. Now I'm in Prison / Dottie Into Action (1:14)
20. Fencewalk (1:15)
21. Juan Visits Wife (2:01)
22. Juan & Dorita Dance in the Street (1:40)
23. Where Am I? (1:26)
24. The Picture (2:49)
25. Lovemaking (1:40)
26. Drume Negrita (1:42)
27. Reunion (1:34)
28. Always Looking for Cuba (3:15)


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