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Name: GDM
Number: GDM4314

Composed by: Ennio Morricone

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Il vizietto 01
A luci blu 02
Pensando solo a lei 16
Citazione western 21
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IL VIZIETTO (aka LA CAGE AUX FOLLES ) is a 1978 comedy movie directed by Edouard Molinaro, adaptation of a play by Jean Poiret staged in 1973 and repeated for five consecutive years at the Palais -Royal in Paris. One of the two male protagonists , actor Michel Serrault , retains his role in the film, while the character played by Jean Poiret is here played by the Italian star Ugo Tognazzi. Renato and Albin are a gay couple who for twenty years managing a club in Saint Tropez , LA CAGE AUX FOLLES (LA CAGE OF MATTE , or even THE CAGE OF CHECCHE ). Albin is also the star of the tip of the local , known to the public under the name of Zazà . One evening, Laurent, the result of the only heterosexual relationship of Renato, broke into their home: the boy informs the father of his impending marriage . But the young woman, who Laurent wants to marry, is the daughter of a member of parliament and secretary of the Party for Moral Order, therefore a conservative man with bigoted soul. To get the approval of her parents, the girl tells them that the father of her boyfriend is a respected diplomat at the Italian Embassy. A major scandal is affecting the Party and the girl's father is pushed to arrange a meeting with the in-laws, hoping the bond, with such a high level family, might uplifts the fate of his own party. The meeting between the two families is held at the home of Renato and Albin, with the latter disguised as a woman to pose as the natural mother of Laurent. Among misunderstandings and double entenders, dinner proves to be a total fiasco, and the parents of the girl, in order to escape reporters, are forced to disguise themselves. Despite everything, the wedding will take place regularly between the emotional tears of Albin, mother of the young Laurent, acquired son. In IL VIZIETTO II (aka LA CAGE AUX FOLLES II), Albin, aka Zaza, wants to prove to her lover to be still sexy. In clumsy attempt to seduce a jealous man, Renato, unwittingly finds himself involved in the murder of another man, who, with his last strength, gives him an important microfilm. This circumstance put on the trail of Albin and Renato spies and policemen who will force the couple to flee to Italy , in a remote countryside, at home of the family of Renato. Italy is represented as a country of savages, where women are treated like slaves , homosexuality is punishable by lynching and the silence is the current practice. Albin disguises himself as a woman pretends to be the wife of Renato and contributes to the houseworks. Soon, however, the police and the lights come back on the trail of the two, who manage a thousand adventures to save face and pens in a romantic ending. Ennio Morricone composed two brilliant scores and created funny themes, alternating them with other romantic ones, sometimes happy and sometimes nostalgic, that perfectly accompany the adventures (often misadventures ) of the two lovable characters. This CD (duration 61:12 ) contains the two OST, and the recordings come from the masters of the original albums and from the tapes of the original session. In the 33 rpm album of IL VIZIETTO the first track was incorrectly also repeated at the end of side B, so, with the personal approval of Maestro Morricone, it has been replaced with an unreleased track. Some other tracks also contain some other unreleased material.


1. Il vizietto 3:13
2. A luci blu 3:12
3. Una strana coppia 2:29
4. L`onorevole famiglia 1:03
5. Arredamento religioso 2:39
6. Alla John...W… 1:09
7. La gabbia dei matti 1:52
8. Seduzione interrotta 3:31
9. Prima dello spettacolo 2:02
10. Dopo la scenata 3:03
11. Dal night 0:50
12. Brasiliana 1:21
13. Il vizietto 2:18
14. L`onorevole famiglia 1:40
15. Il vizietto 2:21


16. Pensando solo a lei 3:53
17. Foxeggiando giallamente 4:11
18. Variamente significante 3:50
19. Melodia d'amore 2:59
20. Tema per la madre 3:31
21. Citazione western 1:42
22. Francesi e tedeschi 2:16
23. Incontro imprevisto 2:17
24. Servizi segreti 2:49

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