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Our Price: $19.95
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Name: BYU
Number: FMA/MS120

Composed by: Max Steiner

A Brigham Young University Film Music Archive Production. All proceeds from this limited edition compact disc go towards the acquisiton, preservation of film music elements and public future releases.

Produced by Walt Disney in 1965, THOSE CALLOWAYS is one of the producer’s least-known live-action features and is also one of hIs most intriguing. Remarkably adult in both its writing and presentation, THOSE CALLOWAYS was an early cinematic look at conservation themes. It was also the last film released sporting a Max Steiner score. Steiner’s score is lyrical and majestic, with many moments of humor, tenderness and danger. It is orchestrated by Max’s longtime colleague Murray Cutter and brilliantly performed by the Walt Disney orchestra under Steiner’s baton.

This CD presents the complete score as composed by Steiner, and the songs composed by Richard M. and Robert B. Sherman. It also presents, for the first time, the original cast performance of “Rhyme Around”, featuring Paul Hartman, Ed Wynn, Brian Keith and Walter Brennan. The score is presented in full stereo, mastered from the three-track magnetic recording sessions preserved by Disney Studios. In addition, we offer a demo recording of Max Steiner’s song “Angel”, preserved on acetate in the Steiner Collection at Brigham Young University. The album includes a 32 page book with notes by James V. D'Arc, Ray Faiola and a special introduction by Leonard Maltin.. Disc mastering by Ray Faiola, Chelsea Rialto Studios. Package design by Jim Titus.

1 Main Title 3:12 2 After the Fight :52 3 A Fortune in Geese 1:47 4 Keg O’ Bear 1:55 5 What I’d Do if I Got an Extra Dollar 1:14 6 Bridey and Bucky 1:35 7 Hunting Trip 1:26 8 Jack Pine Warning 3:54 9 Setting the Leg 2:14 10 Bucky Heads for the Jack Pine 6:56 11 Campfire 1:19 12 Tracking the Wolverine 2:53 13 Wolverine Attack 3:12 14 Bucky Returns Home 1:07 15 Shopping for Ma 2:51 16 Christmas Cape 2:43 17 Bridey—You Sure That’s You? :50 18 “Oh, Little Town of Bethlehem” 1:24 19 Memories of Courtin’ 3:06 20 “You Were Meant For Me” 2:49 21 Drunken Disillusionment 1:17 22 Bear meets Bear 2:43 23 Evicted 2:34 24 Always Tomorrow 1:09 25 “The Cabin Raising Song” 1:08 26 Cabin Raising 2:22 27 “Rhyme Around” 2:13 28 Lovers’ Quarrel 2:15 29 Fire! 1:29 30 Geese Peril 2:00 31 Bed Watch 1:52 32 Indian Blood 1:45 33 Didn’t I Tell Ya I’d Never Leave Ya? 2:58 34 Finale 2:00 35 “Angel” Demo 2:58

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