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Our Price: $15.95
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Number: BSXCD8936

Composed by: Carl Davis

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Main Titles 01
Out In The Sticks 05
Carriage Ride/First Nightmare 06
Preparations 23
I Am Frankenstein, I Am Unbound 27
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BUYSOUNDTRAX Records present the premiere release of the soundtrack for FRANKENSTEIN UNBOUND, featuring music composed by Carl Davis (THE FAR PAVILIONS, THE FRENCH LIEUTENANT’S WOMAN, KING DAVID) for the 1990 science fiction/horror film directed by Roger Corman, based on the novel by Brian Aldiss and starring John Hurt, Raul Julia, Bridget Fonda, Jason Patric, Michael Hutchence, Catherine Rabett and Nick Brimble as the Monster.

Released in 1990, FRANKENSTEIN UNBOUND heralded the return of veteran producer Roger Corman to the task of directing a film. Well known for directing many great films in all genres in the late 1950s and well into the 1960s, including NOT OF THIS EARTH, BUCKET OF BLOOD, LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS and many great adaptations of the stories of Edgar Allen Poe starring Vincent Price and Boris Karloff, not to mention launching the careers of many people in the industry, Corman stepped back from his directing duties to focus on producing films. FRANKENSTEIN UNBOUND was a film with a modest budget and a very ambitious story and while the final film received mixed reviews at the time of its release, there is no question that one of the wisest decisions made during production was to hire composer Carl Davis to score the film. Performed by the Munich Symphony Orchestra, the score contains some of the composer’s best work, including one of his best main title themes.

Carl Davis has made significant contributions to film and TV music, in the roles of composer, arranger and conductor. As an American living in Britain, he has found himself film and television work on both sides of the Atlantic. For television, he has done a number of historical dramas and big productions such as the HOLLYWOOD documentary series. For film, his score for THE FRENCH LIEUTENANT’S WOMAN is highly regarded. Davis also enjoys another career as a conductor. For a number of years he conducted the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra during their summer season. He then went on to work with Paul McCartney on his "Liverpool Oratorio", orchestrating and conducting the music for the same orchestra. Davis frequently features as a guest conductor for other orchestras, and has for example conducted the Royal Scottish National Orchestra on more than one occasion. His most recent concerts with the RSNO have focused on Oscar-winning film music and songs.

1 Main Titles 02:07
2 Demonstration Of Power 00:31
3 Buchanan's Regret 01:15
4 Time Slips 02:25
5 Out In The Sticks 01:47
6 Carriage Ride/First Nightmare 01:50
7 Reality Check 00:21
8 Man About Town 02:22
9 Guilty Verdict/Following Victor 01:52
10 Make Me A Mate 00:23
11 Victor's Confession 00:30
12 We Are Brothers 00:40
13 The Hanging/Reference Mary Shelley/Byron 01:34
14 Meet Mary Godwin 00:58
15 The End Of Justine Moritz 01:24
16 Second Nightmare 00:33
17 Joe And Mary 01:38
18 The Madness Of Possibility 03:00
19 Victor Appears 01:06
20 The End Of Elizabeth 03:53
21 The Monster's Rage 00:53
22 Third Nightmare 01:21
23 Preparations 01:53
24 What Have You Done?/ More Power! 04:51
25 Elizabeth Awakens 00:16
26 Kill Him 03:46
27 I Am Frankenstein, I Am Unbound 05:45
28 End Credits 03:17

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