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Name: RCA
Number: RCA61699

No. Tracks: 15
Composed by: Aaron Copland

This disc is devoted to Copland's film music. The treat here is a version of "The Heiress Suite" reconstructed by Arnold Freed. Copland's talent for writing for films rested in his ability to identify and maintain themes, at the same time not slacking on the transitional details. This belongs in any Copland collection.

Terrific cover art from American painter, Thomas Hart Benton.

The Red Pony
1. Morning on the Ranch (4:30)
2. Gift (4:46)
3. Dream March (2:25)
4. Circus Music (1:43)
5. Walk to the Bunkhouse (2:37)
6. Grandfather's Story (3:41)
7. Happy Ending (3:01)

8. Our Town (9:05)

9. Heiress Suite: Prelude/Catherine's Engagement/Cherry Red Dress/Depart (15:38)

10. New England Countryside (5:11)
11. Barley Wagons (2:13)
12. Sunday Traffic (2:28)
13. Grovers Corners (2:20)
14. Threshing Machines (3:01)

15. Prairie Journal [Music for Radio] (11:20)

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