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Number: VAR66314

No. Tracks: 33
Composed by: Bernard Herrmann

This sci-fi classic tells the tale of an alien named Klaatu and his deadly robot Gort who come to earth right after WWII and inform its citizens that they must live in peace or be destroyed. Michael Rennie and Patricia Neal star.

One of the most famous elements of this great film is the absolutely brilliant score by the legendary Bernard Herrmann. As a companion to this great film’s DVD premiere, Varèse Sarabande Records will release an all-new recording of this famous score on the very same day.

One of Herrmann’s most outlandish musical concoctions, "The Day The Earth Stood Still" features not one but two theremins, three organs, two pianos, two harps, a wild array of percussion, including three timpani, a brass section that includes four tubas!, plus a string trio and a guitar!! This is truly music from another world and it was all brilliantly performed and recorded in 24-bit digital sound at London’s famed Abbey Road Studios. Corralling this outrageous musical force was award-winning conductor Joel McNeely. This is a sonic earth-shaker and a must-have for all science fiction and soundtrack fans. Bernard Herrmann’s The Day The Earth Stood Still represents the cornerstone of the entire genre.

1. Prelude and Outer Space 1:42
2. Radar 2:06
3. Danger 0:24
4. Klaatu 2:08
5. Gort 0:45
6. The Visor 1:10
7. The Telescope 0:43
8. Escape 0:57
9. Solar Diamonds 1:00
10. Arlington 1:22
11. Lincoln Memorial 2:10
12. Nocturne 2:47
13. The Flashlight 0:53
14. The Robot 2:08
15. Space Control 1:11
16. The Elevator 0:30
17. The Magnetic Pull 1:36
18. The Study 0:45
19. The Conference 0:31
20. The Jeweler 0:47
21. 12:30 0:30
22. Panic 0:46
23. The Glowing 1:01
24. Alone 1:03
25. Gort's Rage 0:43
26. Nikto 0:35
27. Captive 0:32
28. Terror 1:48
29. The Prison 1:43
30. Rebirth 2:03
31. Departure 0:55
32. Farewell 0:35
33. Finale 0:37

All of Washington DC is thrown into a panic when an extraterrestrial spacecraft lands near the White House. Out steps Klaatu (Michael Rennie, in a role intended for Claude Rains), a handsome and soft-spoken interplanetary traveller, whose "bodyguard" is Gort (Lock Martin), a huge robot who spews forth laser-like death rays when danger threatens. After being wounded by an over-zealous soldier, Klaatu announces that he has a message of the gravest importance for all Mankind, which he will deliver only when all the leaders of all nations will agree to meet with him. World politics being what they are in 1951, Klaatu's demands are turned down and he is ordered to remain in the hospital where his wounds are being tended. Klaatu escapes, taking refuge in a boarding house, where he poses as one "Mr. Carpenter" (one of the film's many parallels between Klaatu and Christ). Here the benign alien gains the confidence of a lovely widow (Patricia Neal) and her son (Billy Gray), neither of whom tumble to his other-worldly origins, and seeks out the gentleman whom Billy regards as "the smartest man in the world" - an Einstein-like scientist, Dr. Barnhardt (Sam Jaffe). The next day, at precisely 12 o'clock, Klaatu arranges for the world to "stand still" - he shuts down all electrical power in the world, with the exception of essentials like hospitals and planes in flight. Directed by Robert Wise, who edited "Citizen Kane" (1941) and "The Magnificent Ambersons" (1942) for director Orson Welles before going on to direct such major 1960s musicals as "West Side Story" (1961) and "The Sound of Music" (1965), "The Day the Earth Stood Still" was based on the story "Farewell to the Master" by Harry Bates. 1951

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