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Our Price: $14.95
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Number: DSN861452

No. Tracks: 17
Composed by: Alan Menken

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Tibet 08
First Signs 09
To the Rescue 16
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An unexpected transformation helps a workaholic attorney learn that there's more to life than the courtroom in this remake of the 1959 Disney canine classic of the same name. Deputy District Attorney Dave Douglas (Tim Allen) takes his job in the halls of justice very seriously — so seriously in fact that his wife and family see considerably less of their frequently-absent husband and father than they would prefer. When a case involving an animal laboratory finds the distracted dad once again taking an extended leave of absence from his frustrated family, Douglas' luck takes a turn for the worst after he is inadvertently infected by a top-secret genetic-mutation serum that transforms the two-legged lawyer into a four-legged sheepdog. Though his current situation has its drawbacks to be sure, the fly-on-the-wall perspective afforded to Douglas in his newfound state alerts the well-intending father and husband that all is not well on the home front. Moved by the unfulfilled needs of his neglected family and determined to become a better father if he can only shed his winter coat, Douglas' unique new vantage point could offer just the motivation needed to bring the nefarious forces behind the serum to justice and win back his wife and kids once and for all. 2006

1. Big Dog, As Used in the Film "The Shaggy Dog" - 3:38
2. Man's Best Friend - 3:06
3. Atomic Dog - 4:43
4. Every Dog Has It's Day - 2:52
5. Somethin' About You - 3:18
6. Woof! There It Is - 3:02
7. It's a Dog - 2:40
8. Tibet - 2:33
9. First Signs - 3:00
10. Transformation - 4:04
11. Magic Lab - 2:19
12. Breaking Through - 2:50
13. Kozak Gets a Tail - 2:34
14. Meditation - 1:06
15. Escaping the Lab - 4:42
16. To the Rescue - 4:54
17. Family Time - 1:20

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