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Number: NLIN39074

Composed by: Mychael Danna

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Veni, Veni Emanuel 01
To Elizabeth 06
The Journey 13
And Thou Bethlehem 16
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A drama that focuses on the period in Mary and Joseph's life where they journeyed to Bethlehem for the birth of Jesus.

1.The Nativity Story/Veni, Veni Emanuel - 3:08
2.The Nativity Story/Words of the Prophet - 1:53
3.The Nativity Story/Nazareth - 4:29
4.The Nativity Story/You Shall Be His Wife - 1:43
5.The Nativity Story/The Annunciation - 3:59
6.The Nativity Story/To Elizabeth - 2:43
7.The Nativity Story/The Magi - 2:00
8.The Nativity Story/Why Is It Me? - 1:29
9.The Nativity Story/Corde Natus Ex Parentis - 1:55
10.The Nativity Story/Return of Mary - 2:22
11.The Nativity Story/I've Broken No Vow - 4:50
12.The Nativity Story/Census - 1:35
13.The Nativity Story/The Journey - 2:40
14.The Nativity Story/Give Me a Sign - 2:36
15.The Nativity Story/The Shepherd - 1:41
16.The Nativity Story/And Thou Bethlehem - 5:52
17.The Nativity Story/Is There a Place for Us? - 2:06
18.The Nativity Story/A Star Shall Come Forth - 3:09
19.The Nativity Story/I Bring You Good Tidings - 1:28
20.The Nativity Story/The Strength I Prayed For - 1:27
21.The Nativity Story/The Shepherd's Gift - 5:10
22.The Nativity Story/In Rosa Vernat Lilium - 4:45
23.The Nativity Story/Silens Nox - 2:40
24.The Nativity Story/Rosa Aeterna Floret - 1:28

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