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Composed by: Don Davis

Import Promo with big orchestra and choir.

A trio of monsters are on the loose in this updated reinterpretation of one of the great horror films of Universal's "Golden Age." A police detective, Vernon Coyle (Adrian Pasdar), is trying to track down an infamous serial killer known as the Midnight Raptor, a killer whose victims are almost completely drained of blood. Coyle, short on clues, seeks the assistance of Doctor Shauna Kendall (C.C.H. Pounder), an anthropologist who tells the surprised detective that she believes a vampire is responsible for the killings. Meanwhile, Grace Dawkins (Teri Polo), a woman working at the Griffith Park Observatory, sees a friend being attacked by what she thinks is a wild dog; while trying to help, she's bitten by the creature, and Grace soon makes the horrible discovery that she's become a werewolf. Jaded sophisticate Crispian Grimes (Greg Wise) runs a hot L.A. nightclub called the House of Frankenstein; to attract new customers to his club, Grimes purchases a body frozen in ice that is believed to be Dr. Frankenstein's famous creature. What Grimes' customers and colleagues don't know is he's the vampire who's has been committing the Midnight Raptor murders; once Frankenstein's monster is accidentally revived, and Grimes falls in love with Grace, an unholy alliance of monsters begins preying on the people of Los Angeles. Produced for the NBC television network, "House of Frankenstein" 1997 was first aired on October 28, 1997.

1. Main Title (3:28)
2. Frank-N-Danish (1:55)
3. Vienna Hot Dog (3:49
4. Busted Lip Lock (1:20)
5. In Paradisum (2:58)
6. She's Not Hungary for Food (3:18)
7. Club Spook (3:33)
8. Frank Restrained (2:14)
9. Monster Bus (0:58)
10. Breakout (3:27)
11. Vile and Contemptibe (0:57)
12. Coyle and Cha Cha Break In (2:47)
13. Armando Takes a Hit (2:09)
14. Cruising with Grimes (1:31)
15. Let's Shoot Grace (3:18)
16. Delbo Delirious (1:02)
17. Stake for Woody (1:38)
18. Dog Speed (5:33)
19. Franko-Fire (3:42)
20. Trouble in Transylvania (2:32)
21. Beauty Kills the Beast (6:33)
22. The Vampire Lawyer - Finale (1:44)

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