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Number: MSM09002

Composed by: Gast Waltzing

Sample Tracks
Name Number
JCVD Theme 01
Get Him 02
JCVD Theme II 05
Menace and Execution 15
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Inspired by the great American thriller soundtracks of the 1970s, penned by Lalo Schifrin, David Shire and Don Ellis, Luxemburg’s jazz icon and busiest film composer, Gast Waltzing, delivers a truly exciting and unusual score for JCVD, the acclaimed Jean-Claude van Damme meta movie. This is our second album with Gast Waltzing (George and the Dragon), but this score is perhaps the complete opposite of that grand symphonic work. The strikingly bouncy main theme, which appears in several different versions, is juxtaposed with bleak string suspense, improvised jazz trumpet parts and percussive action scoring. - Courtesy of MovieScore Media

1. JCVD Theme 2:10
2. Get Him 1:54
3. Family Card 2:17
4. Eh, Monsieur Van Damme 3:25
5. JCVD Theme II 1:43
6. State of Siege 2:57
7. Palindrome 1:22
8. Negociator 1:19
9. Hoodheaded Fight / Gunshot 1:23
10. Naked Parliament 1:51
11. Hey Man! 1:03
12. Discovered 4:22
13. Let’s Go For It! 2:24
14. Premiere Liberation 2:46
15. Menace and Execution 9:46
16. JCVD Theme III 2:04

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