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Our Price: $16.95
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Number: FSM0606

All Fall Down/The Outrage (1962/1964)
Limited Edition of 3,000 Copies.
Composed by: Alex North

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Released by Special Arrangement with Turner Classic Movies Music

This CD features two scores by Alex North (1911-1991), a masterful composer who penned two of the most beloved scores of all time in Spartacus (1960) and Cleopatra (1963). Far from the pomp and glory of the ancient world, the projects here hark back to North's roots in the American stage, where his innovations of chamber ensembles and dramatic introspection inspired Elia Kazan to bring him to Hollywood for A Streetcar Named Desire (1951).

All Fall Down (1962) is a family/coming-of-age drama directed by John Frankenheimer, who like North was known for his technical genius but had a heart for intimate drama. Scripted by William Inge from a book by James Leo Herlihy, the film stars Warren Beatty as a teenage lothario worshipped by his idealistic younger brother (Brandon deWilde) and dysfunctional parents. North's poignant, sweetly jazzy score is full of hushed, haunting textures, with lovely themes drawing the pained connections between the characters, delicately balanced between love and pain—American Beauty, circa 1962.

The Outrage (1964) is an American remake of the Akira Kurosawa classic Rashomon, in which a violent incident is recalled differently by each of the participants. The Outrage transposed the setting from feudal Japan to the American West, starring Paul Newman as a Mexican bandito under layers of make-up. The film was directed by Martin Ritt, a superb helmsman who favored a paucity of music; North's complete score runs a mere 14:29 (presented here as a one-track suite), favoring a gentle, lovely theme for the woman and victim (Claire Bloom) whose beauty sets the tale in motion.

FSM's CD of All Fall Down and The Outrage features the premiere release for each score, presented in stereo from the original master elements, including alternate and deleted cues.

track list

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    Music Composed and Conducted by Alex North

    All Fall Down

  1. Main Title 2:43
  2. Bridge 1:25
  3. So Long 1:11
  4. Diary 1:11
  5. Echo 1:55
  6. You Just Feel It 1:14
  7. You're My Guy 0:51
  8. The Past 2:06
  9. Still My Guy 1:20
  10. Alone 1:17
  11. Spring 0:35
  12. Hate Life 1:20
  13. Take It Easy 1:20
  14. Conflict/Symphony No. 2 (Sibelius) 4:49
  15. Goes Double 1:20
  16. Trouble/Shut Up 3:32
  17. Pregnant 1:47
  18. Decision 2:56
  19. Revenge 2:22
  20. End Title 2:29

    Total Time: 38:24

    The Outrage

  21. Suite 14:29

Total Disc Time: 52:54

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