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Number: FSM0704

Logan’s Run: TV Series (1977)
Limited Edition of 3,000 Copies.
Composed by: Bruce Broughton, Laurence Rosenthal

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Released by Special Arrangement with Turner Classic Movies Music

(Looking for the feature film score by Jerry Goldsmith? We got it!)

Logan's Run was not only a science fiction novel and big-budget 1976 film, but a spin-off TV series which premiered on CBS in September 1977. In a post-apocalyptic future, two young "runners," Logan (Gregory Harrison) and Jessica (Heather Menzies), flee their home city, where lives of luxury end in ritualistic death at age 30. Joined by their android companion, Rem (Donald Moffat), Logan and Jessica outwit an assortment of aliens, robots, time travelers, mad scientists and superpowered constructs across the parched landscape while searching for a mythical "Sanctuary" and fleeing their "sandman" pursuers, led by Francis (Randy Powell).

Although it lasted only 14 episodes, Logan's Run is fondly remembered by genre fans for its attractive characters, entertaining sci-fi plots and futuristic gadgets -- not to mention '70s sci-fi charm. One of the most memorable aspects was an exotic title theme by Laurence Rosenthal (The Return of a Man Called Horse, Clash of the Titans) with an unforgettable synthesizer "siren." A gifted melodist, Rosenthal provided a long-lined melody (he also wrote the theme to Fantasy Island) enhanced by a Yamaha E5 organ. It is surprising that this classic theme has never before been released, let alone in stereo.

FSM's premiere CD of the Logan's Run television soundtrack features Rosenthal's main and end titles plus suites from all nine episodes which received original scores (the rest were tracked): Rosenthal's music for the pilot and three additional episodes, setting the tone and symphonic style with his elegant dramatic moods; Jerrold Immel's (Dallas, Knots Landing) for two episodes, utilizing a French impressionistic style plus electronics; veteran M-G-M staffer Jeff Alexander for one; and a young Bruce Broughton for two.

Well before he was a feature composer (Silverado, Young Sherlock Holmes, Lost in Space), Bruce Broughton was busy on numerous television programs, and this is the first-ever release of any of his early television work. His score for "Fear Factor" features sophisticated action writing and evocative treatments of Rosenthal's title theme, hinting at Broughton's popular feature career to come, and the composer's ample talent and craft.

The CD is entirely in stereo, remixed from the original 1/2" three-track session masters. Liner notes are by Lukas Kendall.

track list

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    Logan's Run

    Music Composed and Conducted by Laurence Rosenthal

  1. Main Title 1:11


  2. Suite Part 1 8:43
  3. Suite Part 2 6:18
  4. Suite Part 3 7:47

    Total Time: 22:51

  5. Bumpers 0:10


  6. The Collectors 4:10
  7. Capture (Jeff Alexander) 5:56
  8. The Innocent(Jerrold Immel) 6:29
  9. Man Out of Time 9:06
  10. Half Life (Immel) 8:46
  11. Fear Factor (Bruce Broughton) 11:39
  12. Futurepast 6:40
  13. Night Visitors (Broughton) 1:55

    Total Time: 54:59

  14. End Title 0:38


 Total Disc Time: 79:55

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