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Number: FSM0718

Penelope/Bachelor in Paradise (1966/1961)
Limited Edition of 3,000 Copies.
Composed by: Henry Mancini, John Williams

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Released by Special Arrangement with Turner Classic Movies Music

Prepare to swing with two '60s comedy scores by a pair of famous composers who are more connected than one might think: besides being friends, John Williams was at one time the piano player for Henry Mancini on soundtracks as famous as Peter Gunn. In the '60s, Williams cut his composing teeth on a parade of often silly comedies and farces—exactly the type of film that, in its most classy form, was Mancini's Pink Panther stock-in-trade.

Penelope (1966) was a Natalie Wood vehicle combining romantic comedy, psychological mystery, and utter farce. Wood stars as Penelope Elcott, a devil-may-care society woman who takes to bank robbery out of frustration with her workaholic husband; the sprawling supporting cast included Dick Shawn and Peter Falk. Shot on location in New York City, the film provided the kind of grand tapestry on which "Johnny" Williams could lay the groundwork for his future composing styles, both madcap and serious: the score features swinging jazz tracks, Lost in Space-styled wackiness, and startling dramatic moments foreshadowing his "blockbuster" styles for Irwin Allen (The Towering Inferno) and Steven Spielberg (E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial).

Penelope was released on LP at the time of the film; however, except for the title song, the album was entirely re-recorded, emphasizing the film's source music. Disc one of this 2CD set features the never-before-released original soundtrack to Penelope followed by the complete LP program. Additional original soundtrack cues to Penelope (outtakes and alternates) are located at the end of disc two, making this the complete Penelope presentation.

The majority of disc two features a complete Henry Mancini soundtrack: Bachelor in Paradise, a romantic comedy starring Bob Hope as a "sex-pert" author sent by his publisher to a suburban California community. There he educates the local wives in spicing up their marriages, runs afoul of the timid tract-house ways, and falls for a bachelorette played by Lana Turner.

Mancini's score for Bachelor in Paradise emphasizes a title song (lyrics by Mack David) which was nominated for an Academy Award—losing to Mancini's own "Moon River" from Breakfast at Tiffany's. The balance of the score features the kind of colorful Mancini jazz and mood cues which would make him a household name in the 1960s, shimmering with color, charm and melody—a lost gem from Mancini's most creative period. A bonus section includes the film's source music.

This 2CD set is entirely in stereo, with original soundtrack selections remixed from the 35mm three-track recordings. Liner notes are by Jeff Eldridge and Lukas Kendall.

track list

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    Music Composed and Conducted by Johnny Williams

    Song: "Penelope" Music by Johnny Williams, Lyrics by Leslie Bricusse, Sung by the Pennypipers

    Song: "The Sun Is Grey" Music and Lyrics by Gale Garnett, Sung by Natalie Wood

  1. Penelope/Building Pan 2:25
  2. To Bergdorf's/Shoe Fly 2:17
  3. Anthropology 2:06
  4. Wedding Reception/Don't Be Jealous/Stolen Earrings 2:44
  5. Sabada and Ducky/Forgotten Shoes 3:06
  6. Penny's Arcade 1:30
  7. Lenses and Contacts 1:54
  8. Shopping Around/The Thrift Shop/Vintage Pastrami/Sabada's Salon 3:50
  9. Muzak 3:00
  10. At the Art Museum 3:02
  11. Penny's Hobbies/Poolside/La Bostella/Penny's Loot 2:27
  12. Mannix Follows Penny/Mannix Complicity 1:47
  13. Anonymous Friends 2:28
  14. Mildred's Mission 2:59
  15. Penny's Party 1:11
  16. Penny Runs Away/Penny's Substitute 1:37
  17. James's Vision/Patient Cured 5:41
  18. End Title 1:57

    Total Time: 46:39

    Penelope Album Recording

  19. Penelope 2:00
  20. Poolside 3:11
  21. Penny's Arcade 2:28
  22. La Bostella 2:12
  23. The Girl in the Yellow Dress 2:39
  24. Penelope (Instrumental) 3:23
  25. Penelope (Love Theme) 3:16
  26. Girl Chase 3:25
  27. The Sun Is Grey 2:20
  28. Sadaba 2:27
  29. At the Art Museum 3:14
  30. The Mad Professor 1:53

    Total Time: 33:10

    Total Disc Time: 79:54


    Bachelor in Paradise

    Music Composed and Conducted by Henry Mancini

    Song: "Bachelor in Paradise" Music by Henry Mancini, Lyrics by Mack David

  1. Main Title 2:16
  2. Home Again/Entering Paradise 1:51
  3. Welcome 4:08
  4. Drum Effects/Bachelor in Paradise 3:18
  5. Wake Up/Throughout the Day/Wet Thumb 2:22
  6. Top Shelf 2:14
  7. Try It Tonight 1:10
  8. Quite Civilized/Nosey 2:34
  9. Oh Jacques 1:04
  10. The Navel Sisters/Rosemary's Hula/Why Red 2:50
  11. Pickles and Peanut Butter 1:15
  12. A Splendid Piece 2:15
  13. A Real Heel/A Sad Piece 2:06
  14. Welcome Home/On the Couch 3:11
  15. Wolf in Paradise 2:44
  16. Sexy Ideas 1:18
  17. Ancient Ritual 1:22

    Total Time: 38:31

    Bachelor in Paradise Bonus Tracks

  18. Bachelor in Paradise (demo version) 2:13
  19. The Riviera 1:25
  20. How About You 2:17
  21. Easy to Love 2:03
  22. Alone 1:29
  23. Invitation 2:17
  24. Green Dolphin Street 1:20
  25. Star Eyes 3:37
  26. Belly Buttons and Booze 2:50
  27. Doorbell Effect 0:14

    Total Time: 20:08

    Penelope Bonus Tracks

  28. Penelope (original ending) 2:20
  29. Onward Christian Soldiers/Happy Days 1:04
  30. James Breaks Even 1:00
  31. Village Party 2:14
  32. The Sun Is Grey (film version) 1:53
  33. The Sun Is Grey (alternate) 1:42

Total Time: 10:26

Total Disc Time: 69:15

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